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Poppox was born in 2015 as a company focused on the development of mobile phones and as a brand focused on design, functionality and solid customer service and support.
After several years of working on the development of our own mobile devices, we decided to expand and create a new division of phone cases for other phone brands. At present, this division has experienced great growth which has led us to focus our activity exclusively on the design, manufacture and marketing of phone cases and accessories for major brands.

Design and Functionality

We believe that functionality is not incompatible with design. For this reason, in our phone cases we combine technology with aesthetics. We blend technical functions such as high protection and resistance with the aesthetics of modern and current designs and illustration prints.
Our patterns for the cases are mainly based on our own designs. However, as we are very fond of external design talent, we also collaborate with designers and illustrators from all over the world..

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Environmental contribution

Besides functionality and aesthetics, we are also overly concerned about the environment and thus, we want to ensure the company’s commitment to sustainability. For this reason, we have added a new line of biodegradable and compostable phone cases.
We believe that sustainability is not just a trend, manufacturing with sustainable materials is a must. Therefore, we are working with new biodegradable materials to develop cases that are resistant, attractive and that provide good protection to the devices while still being respectful with the environment.

Evolution to Sustainable Packaging

In line with our progression towards greater sustainability, we have also completely transformed our packaging and have removed all synthetic plastics, in our boxes, wrappings and transport bags.
Our packaging concept is minimalism, we try to use as fewer packaging materials as possible and at the same time we use box and packaging bags made with recycled materials. Using plastic and non-environmental boxes or bags does not fit with our sustainable business standards.
That is why our mailing and packaging boxes are made of FSC certified recycled Kraft paper-cardboard. We also use compostable transparent packaging bags made of plant-based biodegradable PLA.

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