• iPhone Cases

  • Compact and Elegant
  • High Protection

  • With Double Lateral Layer and Extra Protected Corners

iPhone Cases

Compact and Elegant

High Protection

With Double Lateral Layer and Extra Protected Corners

Clear Transparent Phone Cases

For iPhone Smartphones

hard transparent bumper iphone case with differen quality protection shockproof and antishock functions with reinforced corners and edges and double lateral layers

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quality Iphone case with protection layers tpu external layer tpe internal shockproof layer and pc hard back cover
funda para moviles iphone antigolpes con extra protección en las esauinas y carcasa transparente trasera semi rígida de alta resistencia para proteger la funda de golpes en la parte de atras y también en los golpes laterales

Extra Corner Protection

The corners of this iPhone case are reinforced and act as a shock absorber. In the corners is where the blows tend to be stronger and where the mobile screen is more sensitive. The semi-rigid TPU corner reinforcement, plus the inner layer of elastic black TPE act as anti-fall bumpers, absorbing possible shocks.

The rear layer is made of transparent semi-rigid polycarbonate, protecting the rear part and giving more strength, resistance and protection in side and edge impacts.

Full Lateral Protection and Extra Layers Protection for On/Off and Volume Buttons

Total lateral and corner protection.

The buttons are covered with a lightweight, high-sensitivity TPU layer that provides easy access to all controls and functions.

The texture of the sides is pleasant and with a non-slip finish.

funda movil con proteccion lateral total, proteccion laminada para los botones y proteccion extra en las esquinas
funda movil iphone con almohadillas interiores que hacen la funcion de airbag y protección inferior de los altavoces y puerto de carga

Protected Buttons

The double side layers are composed of a semi-hard outer layer of dark transparent TPU with an anti-yellowing finish + an inner layer of elastic black TPE, anti-fall protector, which acts as an airbag absorbing possible side impacts and providing 360-degree protection. By pressing the sides and the button area you can feel the effect of the inner protection pads.

The speakers, the mute button and the charging port have perfectly cut protections and spaces to make them 100% functional.

Front and Rear Raised Bezels

The corners of the case are raised 2 mm. from the front and 2 mm. from the rear. In this way the corners are better protected and extra protection is given to both the back cover and the camera and screen.

The same goes for the sides of the case, the front and rear bezels are raised and make the case protrude slightly above the screen, protecting it from possible falls from the side as well as from the front.

funda iphone con esquinas elevadas por la parte anterior y posterior para proteger la camara y la pantalla. Biseles laterales elevados para proteger la pantalla de golpes laterales